Once apon a time there was a hobo named Bob. Bob was a very nice guy. One day Bob came home and was about to go to sleep when he felt a pinch on his back. He got up and found a lobster in his bed!! The lobster was from Joe-his life long enemy. Bob did not know what Joe looked like and he wanted to figure out what Joe looked like so Bob looked on Google Earth and looked at Joes house and it had eggs and toilet paper all over it! So Bob went to Joes house and it looked alot more chaotic when your there in person! Bob went over to ring the doorbell and Bob heard a soft dingdong from the window and a chicken anwsered the door! Bob asked if Joe was home and the chicken said that his name is Joe! Bob asked,
" Why there was eggs and toilet paper all over your house?" Then Joe said,
"I thought you did it!"
"I didint do that!" explained Bob. Bob was so mad, he slammed the door on Joes beak and drove away. When Bob got home he felt really bad about slamming the door on Joes beak so Bob made a note and it said,

Dear Joe,

I am so sorry for slamming the door on your beak. I hope you dont hate me any more than you did before. I hope you can be my freind.