Character Comparison
Abby Johnson

I did my character comparison on Samuel, and Carrie. Carrie is from a book called Grandpa’s Mountain, and has to fight and go through many hard challenges. The reason why she has to fight is that the government is trying to build a national park where her grandparents live, and she has to fight to save their property.
Samuel is from a book called Blood on the River, and has to go to Virginia to start a new colony. They called it Jamestown. Native Americans attack Jamestown, and he has to protect his friends from the poison arrows, but a close friend dies. Samuel then feels that a part of him is missing and that it was his fault. But it wasn’t.
Samuel is very serious and knows what is going on around him, while Carrie is very confused and does not know exactly what is going on. Carrie is very girlish meaning that she takes a long time to come up with a brilliant plan, while Samuel has to think of many plans quickly but still comes up with a great idea.
They are both very brave because they stood up to their enemies’. They are also very bright because they can figure out things very quickly. They are both in a way, a leader. They are very skillful; meaning that when they are stuck in a bad situation, they can always find their way out of it. Like how Carries grandpa and her friend’s dad had a fight, and she was stuck in the middle of it. They can also be very independent because they know how to fight their own battles, but they prefer to have someone on their side fighting with them.