Olivia And Abbey

I lived in Pittsburg, and my two best friends were named Olivia and Abbey. Oh, and just so you know, Abbey is not me. Abbey had a swimming pool and me, and Olivia and her, used to play in it all the time. Olivia was really nice too. She had a really cool house. Us three were best friends for a while until I moved to Virginia.


It was my fist day of kindergarden and my class was having indoor recess. I had nothing to do and nobody to play with. So I just sat at a table. I got really bored and I was getting sick of being bored. And then a girl came over to my table and asked me if I wanted to play puppets with her. I said yes and she said that her name was Cassie, and I said that my name is Abby, and we became best friends.


The next day my class went outside for recess and Cassie was playing with another person. I had nothing to do so I just went over to a tree and started leaning on it. A couple minutes later, I went over to my teacher and asked her what I should do, but all she said was that I had to figure that out myself. I saw a girl all by herself but I did not have the nerves to ask her to play. A couple minutes later, That same girl came over to me and asked me if I wanted to play! Her name was Blaine.